Hacking Credit Cards By Using Magspoof With Flipper Zero.

Syed Zain M Abidi
3 min readJan 14, 2024

Using Magspoof with Flipper Zero to emulate Magnetic stripes and Credit Cards.

What is Magspoof

Created by the famous Sammy Kamkar, this device is capable of emulating magnetic Strips.

In general, we can use this to spoof any magnetic strip of a credit card, but we need a credit card first to do this. So, for this, you can use your own credit card to spoof it.

This is for Knowledge purposes only.

Materials Required

  1. Flipper Zero
  2. Flipper Magspoof (Addon)
Multipass Magspoof

or you can buy

Magspoof By ElectronicsCats

After buying either one of the two add-ons, you can directly connect them to the Flipper Zero, as shown in the first picture.

Now Turn ON the Flipper Zero, with the Magspoof attached to it.

Navigate to Apps, then from Apps navigate to GPIO.

After that navigate to(MAG) Magspoof in the saved list of the GPIO folder.

But to get all of this you all need to download the latest Rogue Firmware.

If you dont know how to do that just read the article below.

After that, you can first try to test the attached Magspoof device by using the saved TEST MAGSTRIPE command.



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